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RBA Forced Labor Training for Suppliers

2021 | Asia (Virtual)

The RBA and its Responsible Labor Initiative (RLI) will be conducting virtual Suppliers Forced Labor Trainings. These virtual trainings will focus on topics related to Freely Chosen Employment (Forced Labor) of VAP and SVAP requirements, RBA Definition of Fees, and the most recent audit findings identified in VAP and SVAP audits. In addition, we will discuss the impact of COVID-19 and corresponding best practices in managing and protecting workers rights.

These courses are targeted toward HR professionals, recruiters, labor agents and CSR professionals within supply chains. Please see the list of upcoming trainings below:

  • Course 201 for Suppliers in Malaysia, May 27-28. Learn more, register here.
  • Course 201 for Suppliers in Chinese Taipei, May 31-June 2. Learn more, register here.


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