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Risk Assessment Platform

The RBA's new platform for inherent/potential risk assessment of supplier sites represents our latest methodology for an early high-level risk assessment within supply chains.

The RBA’s Risk Assessment Platform is the first step in the RBA Risk Assessment Model, which can be utilized by RBA Members for Due Diligence efforts to help ensure supply chain sustainability. It introduces a new rating model that provides a dynamic scoring method, providing a high-quality risk analysis and a confidence score for each supplier site evaluated.

There are a number of recently added features in the new platform, including:

  • Use of real audit data as an indicator in risk ratings
  • Dynamic scoring algorithm, including confidence scores for each rating
  • Full access to all index scores for every indicator
  • Full indicator download/export for custom member use
  • Enhanced supplier list management features
  • Support of RMI and RLI exclusive indicators

Risk List

Analysis Methods

Access the RBA Risk Assessment Platform

Please contact Ken Anderson with any questions.


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