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Supporting all learners on their path to leadership in supply chain sustainability.

The RBA offers its members and their suppliers a range of training opportunities, ranging from an extensive online e-learning platform to in-person trainings offered in multiple languages. RBA trainings are designed to support all learners on their path to leadership in supply chain sustainability.

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Contact: Christine Briscoe, Vice President, Member Services and Human Resources

Note: All RBA events and in-person training sessions open to members, their suppliers and the public/others, are listed on the events page of our website. If you have a question about whether an event or training is with or on behalf of the RBA, please contact us.

RBA e-Learning Academy

Click on the link at the top right of any page to jump to the RBA e-Learning Academy.

The RBA e-Learning Academy, launched in April 2014, provides RBA members with best-in-class online trainings on a range of sustainability topics from CSR program management to methods to combat trafficked and forced labor in the supply chain. With nearly 50 training modules drawn from sources around the world, the RBA e-Learning Academy allows learners to progress through training modules at their own pace on their own computer. The RBA frequently reviews internal and external sources for new training materials, and occasionally commissions custom training modules.

The RBA e-Learning Academy is available to RBA members and their suppliers and offers a mix of free and paid trainings. The e-Learning Academy also offers training resources about RBA tools, such as RBA Online and the Validated Assessment Process. 

Click here for a list of current courses and their descriptions.

We frequently add trainings – please contact us with questions or contributions for our e-Learning Academy. All of the below trainings are available on the e-Learning Academy.

Contact: Christine Briscoe, Vice President, Member Services and Human Resources

RBA In-Person Trainings

The RBA currently offers four types of in-person trainings that typically occur several times per year in different languages.

Those trainings include:

Worker-Management Communication Training

This 2.5-day training, facilitated by ELEVATE, trains managers how to better communicate with workers and about workers' rights in the workplace.

The training has three aims:

  • Help participants gain a good understanding of basic methodology and theory of worker-management communication.
  • Raise factories’ level of awareness in terms of two-way communication and worker participation.
  • Assist participants in understanding how to organize effective training on communication as well as on other CSR areas with detailed guidance on training planning, development, delivery and evaluation.

For dates and information about cost and registration, please see our events page.

RBA Labor & Ethics Lead Auditor Training

This five-day course, facilitated by Verité, provides participants with the competencies necessary to successfully perform the RBA Labor & Ethics Validated Assessment Process (VAP). The highly interactive workshop covers social systems auditing, investigative skills, management systems, validation and reporting and the RBA Assessment Process.

This course is helpful for RBA members who run their company’s audit programs, as well as auditors doing CMAs and AMAs for RBA companies.

For dates and information about cost and registration, please see our events page.

RBA Health & Safety Training

A one-day course for health and safety professionals and facility managers, this training helps companies understand the importance of health and safety programs to prevent accidents and protect workers. Requirements on health and safety measures are extensively outlined in the RBA Code of Conduct. The course is also designed to help companies overcome challenges associated with implementing effective programs.

Facilitated by Underwriters Laboratories Specialized Technology Resources (UL/STR), the course follows a "train the trainer" model and features a facilitator's guide, participant manual, and presentation slides.

Contact: Christine Briscoe, Vice President, Member Services and Human Resources

CSR Boot Camp (CSR 101)

A one-day, entry-level CSR Boot Camp designed for beginners to learn more about corporate social responsibility and global trends, interact with experts, and walk away with tangible tools to implement CSR at their organizations. This is intended as an introductory course and more advanced courses will follow. 

Who should attend?

  • New CSR managers
  • Environmental and procurement managers
  • New and prospective RBA members
  • Suppliers of RBA members
  • Company executives new to CSR 

For upcoming courses, please see our events page.

Responsible Electronics Conferences

The RBA’s Responsible Electronics conferences provide multi-day, in-person opportunities for in-depth discussions of key issues in supply chain sustainability. Focused primarily but not solely on the electronics industry, Responsible Electronics conferences bring together RBA members, suppliers, other industries and industry groups and a range of non-industry perspectives from civil society groups, trade unions and worker’s groups, academia and research institutions, socially responsible investors and governmental and multilateral institutions.

Each autumn the RBA hosts its main Responsible Electronics event, which is followed by the annual RBA Members Meeting. At other points in the year, the RBA hosts special thematic forums and symposiums on topics such as business and human rights and environmental issues, to name a few. These events take place in various locations of importance to the electronics industry around the world.

Responsible Electronics conferences provide a dynamic and interactive space for industry to discuss and debate key successes and ongoing challenges in supply chain sustainability. The RBA welcomes sponsors and exhibitors for these events. For more information about upcoming event dates, sponsorship and locations, please visit our events page.

Contact: Laura Landrau, Director of Meetings

Private Tutorials

The RBA is able to occasionally offer private tutorials for members about our tools and resources, including RBA Online and our member compliance program. These tutorials typically take place during Responsible Electronics events and member meetings

Contact: Christine Briscoe, Vice President, Member Services and Human Resources

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