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RBA events bring together multiple stakeholders to share perspectives and improve knowledge.

RBA events take place multiple times per year around the world and support companies, workers, government, civil society, investors and academia to exchange perspective, ideas and improve their knowledge. All RBA events and in-person trainings open to members and their suppliers are listed here in the events section of our website. If you have a question about whether an event or training is with or on behalf of the RBA, please contact us.

Looking for Online Training or Other Courses?

2020 | Worldwide

RBA Code Training & VAP Preparation Workshops

The RBA is continuing its series of courses on the Code of Conduct and Validated Assessment Program (VAP), to help members and suppliers interpret the Code and prepare for onsite compliance verification.

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2020 | Worldwide

RBA SVAP on Forced Labor Training

The RBA SVAP on Forced Labor is an audit program based exclusively on identifying the risk of forced labor at an employment site (e.g., factory) or labor provider (e.g., labor agent or recruitment agency).

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Jan. 13-14, 2021

RMI-BMZ EU Conflict Minerals Regulation Virtual Event

The EU Conflict Minerals Regulation: Perspectives from Producer Countries

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October 2021

RBA & RMI Annual Conferences

Join the RBA for its biggest events of the year, focused on corporate social responsibility in global supply chains.

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