The RBA offers members several tools to support their accountability to our standards.


For complete information about our assessment tools, please see our assessment page. To see what translations are available for RBA’s different tools, view this overview document.

RBA Online

RBA Online is an online sustainability data management system designed to help RBA members manage and share sustainability data, including from audits and self-assessment questionnaires that assess risk at the corporate and facility level. RBA Online is available in English and Simplified Chinese. Self-assessments are also available in Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Key functions of RBA Online include:

  • Online completion of the RBA self-assessment questionnaire, including online analysis by a company's customers (as authorized by the supplier).
  • Entry of data from the RBA Validated Assessment Process.
  • Effective corrective action management and non-compliances verification process.
  • Entry and sharing of environmental reporting data for measuring and reporting on carbon, water and waste.
  • Development of customizable online and exportable reporting based on standard reporting templates.
  • Company self-registration and maintenance, including supply chain trading relationship specification.
  • Ability for a company to invite its suppliers to use RBA Online.
  • Secure sharing of common supplier social responsibility data with customers.

For additional information about RBA Online, please see our RBA Online page.

Beyond Audits

While auditing is a common tool used for corporate supply chain sustainability programs, it should be considered as just one “tool in the toolbox.” Audits can establish a baseline and provide an important monitoring and evaluation check, but an audit’s mere completion is not a direct signifier of top performance in supply chain sustainability.

Key to supply chain sustainability are strong management systems and institutional structures and practices that facilitate productive and sustainable manufacturing operations. These systems and structures are vital to prevent accidents and abuses that damage both businesses and communities.

The RBA offers a range of educational tools to support members to make best use of these systems and structures that solve problems before they arise and reduce the need for costly auditing. Complete information about our training resources are available on our Resources & Training page.