Benefits of Participation

Benefits of Participation

For downstream companies:

  • Compare the sustainability practices, standards and third-party assurance schemes used by businesses in your supply chain relatively and against the normative benchmark;
  • Identify which materials and geographies are applicable to the various standards;
  • Engage suppliers beyond the first supply chain tier levels, raise awareness of and encourage the adoption of progressive risk management practices.

For minerals and metals producers and processors:

  • Communicate risk management practices and performance to their downstream customers;
  • Compare risk management practices and performance against a benchmark based on existing best-in-class standards.

For industry:

  • Facilitate better understanding of sustainability practices among businesses at different points in the supply chain and encourage dialogue to achieve greater sustainability impacts;
  • Encourage harmonization, equivalencies and cross-recognition of standards between voluntary initiatives, leveraging comparative strengths and avoiding “audit fatigue” where possible;
  • Identify the best-in-class practices among businesses in the mining, minerals and metals supply chain and thereby inspire a "race to the top" for sustainable business performance.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Leah Butler.

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