Worker Well-Being


Deborah Albers
Vice President

In the fall of 2018 the RBA launched a new initiative to further advance worker well-being.

Worker Well-Being

The RBA and its members are implementing programs to provide an environment that supports quality of life for workers. In an effort to bring attention and resources to this issue, in 2019 the RBA will enlist a wide range of experts to assess the current situation on worker health and well-being initiatives in manufacturing supply chains, starting in Asia. The initiative will seek input from health experts, researchers and civil society and will leverage leading best practices from RBA member companies that have been working on these important issues for many years.

Major components of the new RBA initiative include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive, industry-wide worker survey in the manufacturing sector
  • Educating workers to improve health awareness
  • Collecting best practices on worker health programs across diverse member companies
  • Enhancing worker-management training curriculum and tools
  • Working to improve grievance and reporting mechanism tools
  • Engaging external health experts and stakeholders to advise on key issue areas impacting workers

This new initiative will initially focus on understanding the landscape of current health and wellness programs in the supply chain of RBA members to identify gaps and make improvements where opportunities exist. It will identify and implement meaningful collective actions that will be more effective than if any one company attempted the actions alone. The long-term goal is to create a data-driven approach that will generate measurable results and long-lasting positive outcomes.

More information will be posted here soon. Please contact Deborah Albers to get involved or with any questions.