RBA Vendor Partner Program

RBA Vendor Partner Program

RBA members are part of the world’s largest coalition of electronics companies dedicated to the social, ethical and environmental responsibility of their supply chains. Members gather and collaborate with peers and stakeholders to discuss the most pressing challenges and meaningful solutions. Be part of the conversation and join us as an RBA Vendor Partner Member.

RBA Vendor Partner Members benefit from extensive exposure to and networking opportunities with leading electronics companies, as well as representatives from different industries, NGOs, IGOs and other organizations. 

For more information about this program, contact Laura Landrau.

Vendor Partner Members include Audit, Consulting, and Technology firms:

Audit Firms

BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions

BSI Supply Chain Services and Solutions is a provider of supply chain intelligence, assessment management solutions, global auditing services, and risk management advisory services. Its supply chain risk management suite helps organizations predict and visualize risk, and develop mitigation and compliance management programs. 


DNV GL is a respected global certification body and a leading sustainability auditing firm. Its 17,000 employees are located in 100 countries, and provide coverage in critical supplier locations. In 2014 DNV GL celebrated 150 years of continuous operation. Beyond third- and second-party code of conduct audits, DNV GL has expertise in supplier sustainability risk assessment, program management and incident-driven supplier investigations. Its approximately 50 dedicated RBA auditors are available across Asia and North America and are often qualified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSA18001 management systems standards, often with additional environmental expertise.

RCS Global

RCS Global is a leading responsible raw materials supply chain audit and advisory group. It works with the OECD, CFSI, Bettercoal, CCCMC, RJC and other industry bodies to help shape industry and regulatory good practices and help companies prove compliance. The company is active at each stage of the value chain, from major regulators and corporations to global manufacturers, mining companies and artisanal mining communities.

Consulting Firms


ELEVATE is a leading business risk and sustainability solutions provider. The company delivers improved organizational performance through sustainability and supply chain assessment, consulting, program management and analytics. 

Peer Ledger

Peer Ledger specializes in creating corporate blockchain applications. Its Mimosi product utilizes blockchain technology to address the collaborative traceability of conflict minerals from mine to consumer.


ERM is a leading global provider of integrated environmental, health, safety, risk, social and sustainability-related consulting services. It partners with technology, media and telecommunications industries to bring solutions to its clients' most pressing issues, so that they can bring products and services to market that change the way we live. 

The Compliance Map

The Compliance Map is a team of regulatory compliance experts specializing in consulting, business process re-engineering and information systems implementation. Its 20+ years in the arena of environmental compliance has been fed into its software solutions, creating a holistic approach to managing obligations businesses face in today’s regulatory climate. Their solution range offers services suited to any organization size, requiring anything from a knowledge base of current compliance details in the world of regulations to an enterprise-wide solution managing due diligence and mission critical integration of obligation impacts into the organization.


Verisk Maplecroft

Verisk Maplecroft uses data and analysis to offer scope, detail and insights into the primary political risk, human rights, economic and environmental issues impacting organizational resilience, sustainable sourcing and the investment landscape.