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E-Waste and Circular Economy

The commitment of RBA’s members to creating safe and sustainable supply chains isn’t limited to sourcing and manufacturing. The RBA facilitates members’ efforts to adapt their business models and products to the circular economy by supporting integrated, international supply chains that further circular material use and protect human rights and the environment.

As technology companies look for new methods and opportunities to reclaim and integrate materials and components into their products, the RBA assists by applying its decade of knowledge and experience addressing social, labor and environmental challenges in manufacturing supply chains to the material reclamation sector. Doing so empowers the industry to further engage in other sectors of the circular economy, confident that their circular materials and components are responsibly sourced without poor working conditions, unacceptable labor practices, and severe environmental degradation.

The RBA is dedicated to convening members, suppliers and stakeholders within forward and reverse supply chains to advance circular material use through joint initiatives that enable greater transparency into practices and measurement of material movements, advance supply chain capacity and networks for extended material viability and use, and drive responsible business conduct throughout circular material value chains.

The RBA’s investment in responsible minerals sourcing through the Responsible Minerals Initiative also allows it to convene actors across diverse supply chains, to evolve practices that lower barriers, and to optimize processes that achieve more efficient circular material use.

The challenges of achieving an industry-wide circular economy, and increasing circular material use, requires action and specialization in many critical points within supply chains. Although the RBA can significantly contribute to increasing the reliability and transparency of responsibly recycled electronics, it requires coordination with a landscape of actors and organizations. The RBA is dedicated to partnering with other leaders in the circular economy to ensure its efforts contribute to a larger impact within members’ organizations and the industry as a whole.

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