RBA Conference 2018

The RBA's activity groups engage members to collaborate to address key challenges in supply chain sustainability.


Building on a foundation focused on standards and accountability, the RBA also runs working groups and taskforces that address key thematic areas that are particularly relevant and challenging for sustainable electronics industry supply chains. Topics covered via these initiatives are listed and explained in the pages of this section.

RBA working groups and taskforces are made up of RBA members. Each working group and taskforce has a member lead, as well as a staff member lead who facilitates decision making in the group and ensures the group’s activities have a strategic tie-in to other RBA initiatives.

Working groups are designed to last indefinitely, while taskforces are set up for a limited duration. New working groups and taskforces may be developed when the RBA sees a significant need for an industry-wide approach on a pressing supply chain sustainability issue and a group of members ask for an RBA-wide response. RBA initiatives strive to address root causes in order to create lasting positive change in the industry that has a positive impact on the lives of workers and the health of their communities.